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The Number One
Hospitality News Podcast

The Hospitality Industry is always growing, changing, and innovating! This is the podcast that will bring you the top news and topics from industry experts in different fields of hospitality. Join us live every Monday and Wednesday morning

Show Statistics

Good Morning Hospitality started as a way for Michael Godlin and Wil Slickers to avoid boredom during the early days of 2020 and COVID-19. Over the last four years, the show has grown beyond your average podcast. Now, with multiple hosts, show segments, exclusive interviews, and industry leaders, GMH has expanded to new industry sectors and geographic locations!


Each GMH episode does an average of 37K listens within a 30 day period of the episode being published. We do publish a minimum of three episodes per week at the moment. Monday for STRs in the US, Tuesdays for STRs  and Wednesday morning for Hoteliers. 


Over the last three years, we've published over 200 episodes. From regular live programming to conferences, bonus episodes, exclusive stories and breaking news, GMH has become the source for the industry to come to for tredning news and topics.  


This is a podcast and we do have a majority of our loyal listeners tuning into the episodes and content via audio channels but we do average about 10k views a month on our YouTube channel with live videos, produced interviews, and clipped content there.


85% of our listeners consume the whole episode in its entirety. This means they stick around till the very end. You could say we have 85% ride or die fans that like to make sure they don't miss a story, topic, or a much needed #BrandyRant

Our Show Hosts

Every Monday, we have Wil Slickers, the Founder of Hospitality.FM, Brandy Canaley, COO of Roami, Michael Goldin, Co-Founder of Storied Collection, and Jamie Lane, Chief Economist of AirDNA. Our Wednesday hotel crew is Sarah Dandashy, Founder of Ask A Concierge, and Steve Turk, Founder of Turk Hospitality Ventures! Our most recent crew, GMH Europe, has the amazing, Raphaele Cline with OVO Network, Leo Walton with Superhog, and Sarah DuPre with AirDNA!


"I am thankful to have been a guest on the show! Even before being a guest, Good Morning Hospitality has become the best forum and industry voice for operators to turn to for the latest and greatest!"

Tim Rosolio 

VP of Vacation Rental Partner Sucess at Vrbo

"You all are a class act! Thank you for having me on the podcast and making the pod part of my favorite Monday morning routine!"


Sam Shank

Co-Founder & Former CEO of HotelTonight

Good Morning Hospitality is very much a part of the team's Monday mornings here at Operto Guest Technologies. I walk into the office on Mondays and will see or hear team members tuning into the live broadcast."

Steve Davis

CEO of Operto

Get in touch

Please contact us if you have a news story or topic to be discussed on the show, regardless of industry category. 

If you're applying to be a guest on the show, we, unfortunately, will most likely decline. Our show is not focused on doing interviews unless it goes into the topics of acquisitions, fundraising, or breaking news. 

If you apply for guest slots, we will refer you to other shows in the Hospitality.FM podcast network.

Become A Show Partner!

We love adding exciting partners to our show! We value aligned partnerships. If you're a brand in the industry that helps short-term rental operators, hoteliers, and service providers, then our audience is the perfect fit for you. To learn more, please see our media sheet!

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