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AirDNA Acquires Property Management Software, Uplisting

In an insightful episode of "Good Morning Hospitality," Demi Horvat, CEO of AirDNA, delves into the company's latest strategic move – the acquisition of Uplisting. This marks a significant shift in the hospitality data landscape as we enter 2024.



AirDNA, renowned for its data-driven approach to short-term rental market insights, has recently broadened its horizon. The acquisition of Uplisting, a property management software, signals a new era for AirDNA, extending its influence from market analysis to operational management.

The episode, marking the first recording of 2024 for the podcast, opens with a warm welcome to Horvat. The conversation quickly shifts to the big news: AirDNA's acquisition of Uplisting.

"This acquisition isn't just about growth," Horvath explains, "it's about integrating two philosophies - creating raving fans and building robust, data-driven tools for property investors and operators."

Horvat shares insights into the synergies between AirDNA and Uplisting, emphasizing the importance of reliable, easy-to-use tools for property owners. With this merger, AirDNA aims to provide a more holistic suite of services, covering everything from investment analysis to operational management.

The conversation also touches on the potential challenges and opportunities of integrating a data company with a property management system (PMS). "It's about finding the right balance," Horvat notes. "While our focus remains on data, the inclusion of Uplisting's robust PMS capabilities allows us to offer more comprehensive solutions to our clients."

The episode takes a candid turn when discussing the early stages of the acquisition, likened to a dating process. It reveals the mutual respect and alignment between the teams, which was crucial in sealing the deal. Horvat also hints at the future, suggesting that more acquisitions might be on the horizon for AirDNA.

As the episode concludes, Horvat reflects on the journey so far and the future of AirDNA. "Our goal is not to be everything to everyone but to provide more for our core customers," she states, highlighting the focus on serving the needs of small to medium property owners and operators.

In a rapidly evolving hospitality industry, AirDNA's acquisition of Uplisting marks a strategic move towards a more integrated, data-centric approach to property management. As Horvat aptly puts it, "We're not just collecting data; we're empowering decision-making."

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