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Celebrating Achievements and Embracing the Future

As 2023 comes to a close, we at Good Morning Hospitality find ourselves reflecting on a year that has been both challenging and rewarding. In our latest episode, we wrapped up the year with a mix of festive cheer, thoughtful reflections, and insightful predictions, capturing the resilient and dynamic spirit of the travel and hospitality industry.


Our Take on 2023: A Year of Learning and Adapting

This year, we had the opportunity to revisit our predictions and analyze their accuracy. While we correctly foresaw the demand growth, our expectations on supply growth and occupancy rates took an unexpected turn. The industry experienced a notable increase in supply, leading to a decrease in occupancy rates, a trend that reminded us of the ever-fluctuating nature of our field.

Celebrating Our Milestones: A Growing Influence

We're incredibly proud of the milestones Good Morning Hospitality has achieved this year. Surpassing 1.8 million downloads and ranking 61st in Apple Podcast's Business News category are achievements that speak volumes about the impact and reach of our podcast. Our mix of interviews, industry insights, and engaging discussions has struck a chord with a wide audience, affirming our role in shaping trends and opinions within the hospitality sector.

Gazing into 2024: Our Predictions

Looking ahead to 2024, we are predicting a year of equilibrium in the industry, with supply and demand finding a balance. This stability is expected to lead to slight increases in occupancy and revenue per available room (RevPAR), though this might vary across different market segments. Urban and suburban areas could see modest rises, while leisure destinations might experience a steadier phase. Jamie Lane states this in this week's episode.

The Importance of Revenue Management

One crucial insight from this year has been the indispensable role of effective revenue management. As the industry continues to navigate the challenges of shorter booking windows and evolving consumer behaviors, having a robust revenue management strategy has never been more important. We've learned that it's not just about dynamic pricing; it's about actively engaging with market trends on a daily basis.

Preparing for Change: Operational Shifts and Tech Stack Evolution

We also discussed the operational shifts expected in 2024. With a heightened focus on profitability, it's become essential for businesses to closely monitor their P&Ls and align their operations with seasonal trends. We've emphasized the need to evaluate our tech stacks critically, looking for partnerships with vendors who offer comprehensive and multifunctional solutions.

Expressing Our Gratitude and Inviting Feedback

As we wrapped up our episode, we expressed our heartfelt gratitude to our partners and sponsors, whose support has been invaluable in our journey. We're excited about the feedback and engagement from our listeners, as it helps shape the content and direction of our podcast for the upcoming year.


As we say goodbye to 2023 and welcome 2024, we at Good Morning Hospitality are ready to embrace the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. With a combination of cautious optimism and strategic foresight, we're set to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the travel and hospitality industry.

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