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Updated: Jan 3

Welcome to the first Good Morning Hospitality article following our first ever live debut!

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Now, this week we chose an interesting topic! Back in March and April we all were taken for a loop as the world itself had basically... shut down! Since then it seems to bring a lot of numbers to life as more than 1.5 million business applications filed in Q3, a 77.4% Increase from Q2! WSJ says thats the fastest pace they've seen in over a decade.

Out of these 1.5 million, how many do we think are in a segment of hospitality? Ros, Goldin, and myself (Slickers) all give our opinion in this weeks episode!

ApartHotels: Apartment styled buildings with tenants that also operate as functional hotels.

In a recent article covered by ShortTermRentalz.com, a hospitality company called Casai, just raised over $48 Million in series A funding for their comfortable and luxury apartments that have a hotel like consistency with a vacation rental or "Airbnb" local feel to it.

You can read the full article by clicking this link that will take you to the ShortTermRentalz website!

Why haven’t we seen more of this at scale?

Is this a scaleable & profitable model in the hospitality segment that will become a next Marriott, Hilton, IHG, etc?

What key factors will make this truly scalable?

These are just some questions that Ros, Goldin, and Slickers discuss and give their opinions as they talk about all the factors that could make this business model a success or not.

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