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Good Morning Capital Report - September/October

Welcome to the second edition of The GMC Report! We're excited to see some capital activity happening within our industry and we will highlight some of that here in this newsletter below. Thank you to all of you who have subscribed and became site members to the GMC Dashboard. How do you like it so far? Anything we need to add? Let us know! Please, tune in and reach out to the GMH Crew about anything you want to hear more of and enjoy some of our most recent episodes in the meantime with links at the bottom for other GMH resources! All the best, The Good Morning Hospitality Crews! PS, we want to wish Michael Goldin and his family a big congrats on welcoming a new addition to their family! Elliot, their second son, joined the world September 26th!


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Recent Funding Rounds


Recent Acquisition Activity

  • Mews, a property management system, acquires Nomi Travel, a hospitality startup that utilizes AI and predictive analytics to deliver a personalized guest experience.

  • Pine, a Series A digital mortgage company, acquires Properly, a Canadian tech-enabled real estate brokerage.


Recent Episodes on Good Morning Hospitality

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