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Good Morning Hospitality Celebrates 3-Year Milestone with Over 1 Million Downloads in 2023

Denver, October 19th, 2023 - The Good Morning Hospitality podcast, a respected voice in the hospitality industry, commemorates its third anniversary on October 19th, 2023. In conjunction with this, the podcast proudly reports the show has received over 1,000,000 downloads in 2023.

Since its inception, Wil Slickers and Michael Goldin have covered hospitality news topics, industry trends, breaking news and interviewing the top voices in the industry. The duo added co-host Brandy Canaley and Jamie Lane last year, adding to the expertise and respected commentary.

This year the show has hosted top industry individuals like Sam Shank, Tim Rosolio, Ryan Bailey, Jan Freitag, and Steve Davis. Good Morning Hospitality has also added hotel experts Steve Turk and Sarah Dandashy to co-host a hotel focused episode once a week, expanding the audiences as the convergence of hotels and short term rentals continues.

Wil Slickers, Co-Host & Founder of Hospitality.FM remarked, "Reflecting on the past three years, it's evident that the strength of our show lies in the genuine conversations we've initiated and the perspectives we've shared. The million-download mark is not just a number, but a testament to the trust our listeners have placed in us."

Michael Goldin, Co-Host and Co-Founder of Storied Collection “Since day 1, Wil and I always wanted to show to feel like any one of our casual conversations. When Wil, Brandy and I chat every Monday, our passion, pride and love for the industry shines through. Never would I have imagined we’d hit 1,000,000 downloads, so I am humbled and honored that so many people tune in.”

Brandy Canaley, Co-Host & COO of Roami “Being a part of GMH has been such a special experience. I love digging into different aspects of our industry and interacting with our listeners; they are just as passionate as we are! Hitting this milestone is a huge accomplishment and we’re excited to see what’s to come.”

The podcast's commitment to fostering authentic dialogue has made it a favored choice for many seeking insights into the hospitality industry. As it ventures into its fourth year, Good Morning Hospitality remains dedicated to its core values and its audience.

For more details or media inquiries, please contact:

Kelsey Tran

About Good Morning Hospitality:

Launched in October of 2020, Good Morning Hospitality offers a platform for timely discussions on the dynamic world of hospitality. Through its episodes, the podcast strives to inform, engage, and inspire its audience, building a community of informed professionals and enthusiasts. Good Morning Hospitality is a Hospitality.FM Original Podcast.

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